Saturday, January 8, 2011

My CES coverage

I’m at CES in Las Vegas right now, and it is SO BIG.  The sheer amount of things I want to see and write about are keeping me very busy.  Most of my coverage will be at the TabletPCBuzz blog


  1. Nice coverage, btw, did you get to see the Notion Ink Adam? The Motion CL900 review was really nice.

  2. Thanks, the Notion Ink Adam is apparently hard to see. Pixel Qi has a booth somewhere (that I haven't seen yet), but the actual Adam tablet is just being carried around the show floor.

  3. I'm very jealous of your opportunity to be at CES. Did you see the Azpen, which (according to Engadget) is supposed to be able to dual boot between Windows and Android? A tablet that can successfully switch between those iOS options might be a very, very good thing.

    Thanks for all your coverage on tablets...and your focus on Windows tablets. We certainly have differences in preferences for tablets...but I really do appreciate what you do for music and tablet computing. Keep up the great work.

  4. I did not see the Azpen, although I do remember walking by their booth and wondering if I should stop and look, but my brain was too fried at that point, and I didn't recognize the name. I did however see three other tablets that dual boot between Android and Windows (one of them even triple booted with Meego also). Those will be my first priority to post about tonight when my brain calms down enough to focus on just one tablet.

    Oh and a cellist performed at the Intel booth today - looping and live sampling over herself to create the neatest textures, how's that for technology and music?