Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Gigging iPad Caught on Camera

As promised, I remembered to take a picture this time. I was also able to start a draft of this post during the ceremony thanks to a new tool/toy,but more on that later.  It turned out to be the shortest ceremony ever, so I only got one sentence done before the pronouncement. The only thing after that is presenting the new couple, then it's recessional time.

A side note - we set up in the back so no one could see me thumb typing away, and I was still the first member of our group to notice we needed to be ready to play. The ceremony is always priority. I try to be really careful to make sure my toys don't become a distraction.

So that new toy? It's really just an upgrade on a current one. I picked up an HTC EVO view.  It's basically the exact same thing as my Flyer, but with a 4G radio from Sprint.  I was tethering from my phone when I wanted to be online, but that's a hack so I try to avoid doing it too much. It's great to have always on internet on the tablet.  In fact, that's how I'm posting this, well out of WiFi range, from the Blogger app on the View. I also took this picture with the View, making it easy to add to the blog post. I'm getting pretty good at thumb typing.

It's making me think I should pick up a 3G iPad for gigging whenever the next version comes out, but there's something to be said for separating tasks. I wouldn't want a notification popping up while I'm playing. Then again, I could just turn that off while I'm playing. Hmmm....

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