Monday, February 15, 2016

HP Pro Slate 12 vs Surface Pro 3 vs iPad in pictures

I was just about to post about how I've been practicing with the HP Pro Slate 12 and I realized that, while I've posted comparisons to the size of paper music, I haven't posted comparisons to the other devices I've used to read music so you can see how much of a size upgrade this screen represents.

Left to right: iPad (3rd gen), Surface Pro 3, HP Pro Slate 12

Top to bottom: iPad (3rd gen), Surface Pro 3, HP Pro Slate 12

The Qualcomm pen (top) comes with a cap and has an interesting grid, which I assume is speakers for the ultrasonic stuff. It's a little weird for holding, but it's nothing that can't be gotten used to. My poor surface pen (bottom) lost its clip when the toddler tried to pick the surface up by the pen while the pen was slotted into the case.

Left to right again: iPad (3rd gen), Surface Pro 3, HP Pro Slate 12

The VSM edition of the Bach solo cello suites for viola on all three, open in Forscore on the iPad and Xodo docs on both the Surface and the HP Slate. I have no idea why the color is so different other than that's just how the screens are. The warmer tone of the HP Slate should be nice on stage, I guess. I'll find out tomorrow when I use it at a Pops rehearsal.

The iPad seems so small. It's hard to believe I put up with that for years. I'm so glad bigger screen slates with good aspect ratios are becoming more of a thing now. 

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