Saturday, May 15, 2010

TC1100 vs. iPad

2010-05-14 19.21.08

Last night, I had the opportunity to compare my tc1100 to a friend’s iPad.  Both devices have the same resolution (1024x768) and very similar sized screens.  The tc1100 screen is only slightly bigger.  Brightness and clarity are better on the iPad, with its IPS display and clear capacitive screen.  It’s these direct comparisons that show the age on the CFL backlit, active digitizer covered screen of the tc1100.  It’s just a bit fuzzier or grainy compared to the screen on the iPad.  The extra bit of size on the tc1100 is really nice (I probably could have zoomed into the music a bit more on each device though).  I think the ideal music slate would be 12” or 13”.  Next time I have access to an iPad, I’ll try to get all around size comparisions.

The top shot is the same piece shown from my Google Docs using Safari on the iPad vs. full screen Foxit on the tc1100.  The bottom shot is the same on the iPad vs. One Note on the tc1100 with some annotations. 

2010-05-14 19.25.46

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