Sunday, May 9, 2010

TC1100 vs Real Sheet Music

2010-05-09 22.25.27
This is the same page displayed in physical form and as a full screen One Note note.  The tc1100 is only slightly smaller than the page of music.  The main drawback is that you only get one page, not two.  The main advantage is that the entire bookshelf of music behind the stand can fit on the tablet.  Until I can move my entire studio to my home, having my full library be mobile will be invaluable.  While I get back to the scanning marathon, enjoy some more shots of the various ways to display music on the tc1100.

2010-05-09 22.20.06
This is the first page of the Mendelssohn concerto straight off displayed in Firefox with Foxit.  A little small and no way to annotate from the embedded reader, but just fine for pulling up some reading or etude work for a student in a lesson.  The screen is set fairly dim in this one.
2010-05-09 22.22.27
The same page displayed in the book and in full screen Foxit.  Annotations are possible in Foxit, but not nearly as refined as in One Note.  Screen is still dim.
2010-05-09 22.22.46
Same thing but medium brightness.
2010-05-09 22.23.20
Brighter still.
2010-05-09 22.25.18
This is full screen with One Note.  It makes the best use of horizontal space and has the best tools for annotation, but I haven’t figured out a good way to actually turn pages, as One Note doesn’t track pages the same way Foxit does.  Or at least, I haven’t figure out how One Note tracks pages yet. 
Next up will be researching programs specifically designed for music display, playback, and annotating. 

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