Sunday, June 6, 2010

Computex, PixelQi, and my ideal Music Pad



This year’s Computex show in Taiwan seemed to be all about the tablets.  So many manufacturers are pulling out their iPad killers. Several of the concept devices have potential to create my ideal music pad.

The most intriguing technology being shown off are the displays by PixelQi.  They were also on display at CES some months ago, and are probably still a ways off from a real product on the market, but whatever they do make should be good.  The displays look like a regular LCD when the backlight is on, but they also have a transreflective mode where the backlight is off and the display looks like epaper, but with full color and video capabilities. 

There is some great coverage at Liliputing and Engadget, complete with reviews and great videos.  One of these, with a Wacom digitizer in a 12” slate with an Intel CULV processor would be so awesome.  I wonder how long it will take the industry to actually do something about it. 

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