Saturday, June 12, 2010

Suzuki Music Columbus

My first day at the institute was great.  There are about a dozen of us in the combined book 2/3 teacher training, and another dozen taking ECC and book 1.  The students will arrive tomorrow, so it was super chill and quiet today.  Part of me is looking forward to the 400 or so students arriving and filling the campus with violin playing, and part of me really enjoys the quiet. 

I used the TC1100 to take notes and keep the music close at hand.  Taking notes in One Note is great with basically infinite pages.  I just write as much as I want and keep scrolling down, no need to turn the page.  As the resident geek, I’ve been volunteered to run the “CD player” which means logging into the PC and opening iTunes.  During a break I poked around in the back of the media setup and discovered I can steal the audio line from the PC and plug in the tablet directly should we want to use Smart Music.  I have let the instructor know of my set up and that I have all 10 books of accompaniments available should he want.  We did go back to book 1 to talk about where some techniques are first introduced.  He’s really good at connecting the big picture and looking at book 2 material in the larger context of techniques that will be required of the kids as they advance into orchestras, chamber ensembles, and solo music beyond the Suzuki repertoire. 

I may or may not have also used the Droid to entertain myself at certain points.

Speaking of being entertained, the nook did a stellar job of keeping me entertained on the flight.  Nothing like a forever battery and super easy on the eyes eInk screen to read for hours. 

This should be a great week.

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