Friday, July 30, 2010

Both tablets take on Chamber Music Camp

And the tc1100 wins for being able to print.

2010-07-24 12.57.44

The iPad did a nice job of letting us watch some youtube performances of the pieces the kids were working on.  It was even able to show me the score from, but that was all it could do.  When it came down to the kids needing parts, the tc1100 stepped up to the plate, plugged into the printer, and gave us music. 

I brought the iPad on day 1, but when it became clear that printing would be needed, the tc1100 came for the rest of the week.  I was able to keep scores for all the groups I was coaching and mark them up quite nicely in Journal.  Although, it’s not entirely a fair comparison as I don’t yet have a stylus for the iPad.  It’s hard to feel motivated to get one as the inking on the tc1100 is so nice. 

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