Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lenovo x201t in the studio


Yep, it’s there.  Hiding in the pile of stuff that sits on one side of me while I teach.  On the other side is my double case.  During the lessons I’m alternately picking up an instrument to demonstrate or the tablet to write something down in the student’s homework assignment.  As you can see, 12” is about as big as I can fit on this little side table. 

On the plus side, the battery made it through my longer teaching days (6 hours today and 7 yesterday) with some battery time left over.  Today was 6 hours straight, with wifi on, and I still came home with 25% left at the end.  It’s hard to complain about the battery lump or weight when it gives me a full day of teaching time.  It helps that I didn’t use SmartMusic these last two days, just writing assignments in OneNote to be emailed later.  I did try to use SmartMusic on the first day, but this tablet is a bit heavy and bulky for me to feel safe with it on a music stand.  I think slates really are better for this use than a convertible as they tend to be thinner.

This is truly a great all-around computer, but I’ll be happy to be back to my smaller, lighter TC1100 next week.  I’ll miss being able to run the whole day on battery, but I won’t miss picking up and setting down the extra pound of weight a gazillion times a day.  I think I might try to pick up an eraser stylus for the TC1100.  I’ve really been enjoying the one on the x201t. 

My first impressions of the machine are up at TabletPCBuzz, and the full review will probably be there in the next few days. 

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