Friday, May 13, 2011

enTourage Pocket eDGe finally arrives

I love woot, but my goodness their shipping takes for-e-ver.


I had the chance to play with these at CES, and really liked the Pocket eDGe (although I’m not a fan of their capitalization).  I just didn’t think I needed another gadget, and not for the prices they were going for.  When the Pocket eDGe showed up on woot for $150, I thought, why not?  Now I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner.

The Pocket eDGe is a “dual book” with a 7” Android tablet on one side, and a 6” eInk screen on the other.  The best part of the eInk side is that it’s Wacom Penabled.  The stylus that comes with it is pretty thin, but since it’s Wacom Penabled I am able to use any stylus from any of my other tablets.  In a nice stroke of good timing – my x61t came with an extra stylus, which will now live with the eDGe. 

I’ve gotten the upgrade to 2.2 done, and I’m trying to hunt down my usual Android apps with no market access.  Luckily, the easy to install Amazon App store has most of what I want.  The enTourage store is a little thin. 

My first impressions of the device are how small and light it is.  I think this is a great size for a portable notetaking device.  The resistive touch screen is more responsive than I had feared, and actually quite easy to use.  The eInk side is a little slow to follow the pen, but quite usable.  It’s much less laggy than the Penabled Sony Readers I tried at CES. 

Enjoy the unboxing while I play….


I love the woot box.




A quick start guide.  How interesting.


Oh that’s the thing I wanted.  Shiny.


Two screens!




More ports

I can’t wait to play.

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