Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inking Shootout - A Comparison of Many Inkable Things

Here’s a repost of a video I made for tabletpcbuzz:

With the HTC Flyer in the house now, I have machines sporting two different active digitizer technologies and two different touch screen technologies in various combinations of form factor and operating system. Here's a video comparing the inking in the context of simple note-taking.

A summary of the devices:
HP TC1100 - Windows 7, OneNote 2010, Wacom Penabled
enTourage eDGe - Android 2.2, Custom Journal app, Wacom Penabled eInk screen, OneNote syncable via USB connection to computer
Archos 9 - Windows 7, OneNote 2010, resistive touchscreen
iPad - iOS 4.3, Penultimate, Targus capacitive stylus
HTC Flyer - Android 2.3, custom Notes app, n-trig duo sense pen and touch digitizer with battery pen (digital pencil, magic pen), Evernote syncable through the cloud


  1. Hi, is the Archos Penabled or similar? I really want a tablet for drawing and capacitive screens are absolutely awful for me.

  2. Nope, the Archos has a resistive screen, so no pressure sensitivity and no palm rejection. Penabled is a term used by Wacom for their active digitizer technology. The only slates with Wacom in them are the Asus EP121 and the new Samssung Series 7 Slate.