Saturday, May 21, 2011

The HTC Flyer goes on sale early

And I got one.  I had a pre-order and was pretty excited to hear that they would come on Sunday.  Then, there was a leak of an internal Best Buy memo instructing stores to go ahead and see them if they have them.  So, I walked over the Best Buy (yup, walking distance, dangerous) and asked if they had them.  They said they had just gotten them not 2 hours ago, so I cashed in my pre-order and walked out with a new toy.  They had to go hunting for a pen, since they hadn’t even put out the accessories for it yet.  Here’s my unboxing:

I’ve been playing with a lot and just took it for note-taking at small group this morning.  I’m very impressed with the pen and the notes app.  Inking is smooth and very accurate.  I’m able to write just as small and clearly as if I were writing on paper, which is good when you only have 7” of writing space.  But it’s about the same size as a personal journal (or a Moleskin if you really want to go there) so I’m finding it very easy to carry and great for journaling style note-taking. 


I’ve played with the multimedia notes some, but I’m finding inserting an image to be frustrating.  I’ll have to work with it more to see if I’m doing it wrong, or if it really isn’t set up very well.  More to come.

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  1. Guess I'll have to go check out Best Buy... too bad the spiral is there, that seems like just wasted space. Maybe there is more usable space inking in landscape?