Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Archos 9 graduates to Joli OS 1.2

And wow is it fast.
UPDATE: resume from sleep works!

It may not look different on the surface (except for some new backgrounds, and the new name) but the performance enhancements are quite noticeable.

The update breaks the touch screen and the auto login so have a USB keyboard and mouse plugged in.  Jolicloud should let you know that you are running an outdated version and offer to upgrade.  Go for it.  All it will give you is a small “syncing” indicator that seems to scroll for each of the 100-some files it needs to update.  It seems like an oddly small update, as I’m used to Ubuntu dist-upgrades that can be 700+ files. 

The updating happens in the background, and it will prompt you to reboot when it’s done.

The first thing you will notice is that auto-login is broken.  That’s an easy fix we’ll get to in a bit.  The bigger issue is the lack of touchscreen, again.

This is based on the guide to installing 1.1.  You will just need to redo a few things.

Re-add the kernel option to grub - i8042.nomux

The rc.local file should have stayed the same, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Re-run ./ in the eGalax folder that should still be in your home folder.


After a reboot, my touchscreen worked again with the same good configuration.  I did not have to recalibrate.
According the Feature List for 1.2, it’s now a 1 click option to enable auto-login.  

Gear icon > This Device > Info > check the box to enable auto login.

The keyboard button should still bring up OnBoard or cellwriter, whichever you have configured.  Enjoy your faster Joli OS.


  1. hello

    I have installed Jolicloud 1.2 but i have not local settins icon...

    Sorry for my bad english

    Thanks from Corsica

  2. How have you installed? Native, or inside Windows? The Local Settings icon should look like a folder on the main dashboard screen.

  3. I tried installing Jolicloud to my Archos 9 naively, but when I try to get the touch screen to work the desktop never comes up. Something prevents the display from fully initializing. Have you run into this? Should I be using a different eGalaxTouch driver?

  4. Double check your kernel arguments. I know the mem=896mb is essential to the GMA 500 graphics working, but I'm pretty sure JoliOS adds that on its own.

    They may have updated the driver since the post was written, but I'm using the one linked in the 1.1 install with no problems.

    At which step is it failing? How far do you get in the boot process? Do you get a movable cursor, just no launcher? I remember seeing errors like that when I was trying to get the graphics going on an Ubuntu install.

  5. Hey i have the same problem as wes. I can see the bootscreen with the 2 computers and the clouds but then my screen goes black and just starts to flicker. I use the driver from your previous post nothing works can you help me