Sunday, April 17, 2011

An HP Slate walks into an Apple store


Ironic that the first HP slate I see in the wild is actually at an Apple store being compared to the iPad.  I did get a short opportunity to talk to the owner while the blue shirt went off to get the business specialist.  He said they were still evaluating options for the company, but that he really liked the fact that the slate was running Windows.  That made it really easy to use as it was already a familiar interface and all the necessary programs ran with no problem.  Yes, he used “really easy” to describe a tablet running windows 7.  I asked him how much he was using the pen and he said “all the time”.  I’m pretty sure I heard “Citrix” mentioned in the conversation with the specialist before I got bored poking at the iPads and wandered off to play with the airs.  I think windows tablets may have more traction that people give them credit for. 

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