Monday, April 4, 2011

A new Cr-48

I just got a new Chrome book about a week ago! I sent my old one back due to problems with the screen flickering for minutes when waking up under 70 degrees. It was taking longer for the screen to warm up than for a Windows laptop to boot, so I wasn't using it. Google was willing to RMA me a new one, but couldn't guarantee when I might get a replacement. Shortly after I sent it back, the tweet came out saying all the pilot machines where given out, so I figured I would not get a replacement. But about a week ago, I got a knock on the door and Mr UPS had an unexpected package of just the right size and weight.

My new one has a stuck red pixel, but that's workable. It's not even visible on the white of most webpages, only on the black background of the setup screen. And it's way better than the screen on my old one. So I'm okay with it. Now that I have a good Cr-48 in hand, I realize how bad my first one was. The first one had something rattling, and had a bulge on the lid. I guess there was more wrong with it than I thought, but without a good one to compare to, I didn't realize just how messed up that first one was. I'm quite happy with the new one and will definitely be using it regularly. The battery life is great, and while it's not as small and light as I would like, having the bigger screen is nice for browsing.

I've already managed to contribute a few bug reports related to how Windows OneNote WebApp is working. I'm still trying to figure out the best solution for maintaining all my notes between various machines. OneNote is great for organization and syncing with local access available, but won't show ink in the web version. Evernote will display ink notes from the web version, but you can't mix ink and text. Google Docs is easy to use and keep in sync (especially with the recent addition of Google Docs integration in JoliOS) but no ink and there is no more offline access.

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  1. Excellent blog! That's cool they gave you another one.