Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An iPad 2 in the studio

No, it’s not mine, but I was not letting it get away without a photo op.  Luckily, I had my own iPad in that day to compare it to. 


It’s much thinner, but I didn’t really notice the weight difference that much.


The student didn’t have Garage Band on it, so I couldn’t really test the difference in speed for that app.  It’s a little slow for my taste on my first gen iPad, and I’m curious how much better it might run on the new one. 


One thing that surprised me is how much smaller it looks from the back.


They had a cute green smart cover for it.  The smart cover is neat, but I would fear for the back getting scratched.  It was really nice that it didn’t add bulk and automatically wakes it up when you open it. 



The angles are good too.  Rolling it up is a lot easier than cramming the the cover of the original apple case into the slot. 

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