Sunday, December 19, 2010

bModo takes on the media booth

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Well, actually, the bModo took on the Christmas play, which is way more than just the media booth. There were 5 screens on set, each controlled by a computer, run by 3 people. I had two to run myself, and the bModo is sitting between them, displaying the script in OneNote. Most of the markup was done with the Archos 9 before I got the bModo, but by keeping the notebooks on the web, it was a simple matter of installing Office on the bModo and connecting to those notebooks. I was able to ink in changes with either my capacitive Targus stylus or my finger. The tablet held up through two dress rehearsals, two shows last night, and three more today. After 3 hour long runs this morning, it was telling me I still had nearly two hours of battery life left.

The general consensus among those who saw the set up (specifically, what I can do to uploaded PDFs in OneNote) was that this is way better than an iPad. I have to agree.

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