Monday, December 20, 2010

Inking on the bModo 12G vs iPad

After the pretty terrible performance of the targus capacitive stylus on the ctl 2go pad, and other poor reviews of capacitive styluses on Windows 7 tablets, I wasn't too hopeful.  But I like to try everything, just to see.  Imagine my surprise when it actually worked!  It's certainly nowhere near the smooth accuracy of an active digitizer, and it's a little bit rougher than the iPad, but it works.  It works well enough that the TIP can convert to text and both Journal and OneNote can index my handwriting well enough to accurately search through it.


  1. What is the difference between a TIP and a digitizer? Better yet,what is a digitizer?

  2. TIP = Tablet Input Panel. It's the floating window you write in that windows then converts to text to input into a program. It's in Accessories > Tablet PC > Tablet PC Input Panel. Every version of windows 7 higher than starter has it. It can also be switched to show the virtual keyboard.

    As for what a digitizer is, here's some reading: