Monday, December 20, 2010

Full review of the bModo 12G

The full review is posted at tabletpcbuzz


The tl:dr version: It’s a good all around machine.  Best of the new wave of Windows 7 based capacitive screened tablets I’ve seen so far.  It’s performs well as an entertainment tablet due to the high res screen.  It performs well as a work tablet due to the built in 3G and the fact that this one actually works with my capacitive stylus, so I can effectively ink in OneNote.  It’s thin and light for it’s screen size so it’s easy to carry. 

I’ve been granted some extended time with the review unit, so I’m going to fill it up with sheet music and see how it works as a music tablet (I just got SmartMusic installed).  At 11.6” it’s only a little smaller than the 12.1” HP 2730p I normally use, and it’s much thinner and lighter. 

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