Friday, December 3, 2010

Zoom Q3HD


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The HD version of the Zoom Q3 is now shipping.  I have the older SD version and use it all the time in my studio.  The kids really enjoy watching themselves (as long as you get them used to it when they’re young enough).  Teens will grudgingly watch, but still learn a lot.  It’s also graduation season, so we’ve been doing a lot of graduation recordings with SmartMusic providing the accompaniment for pieces that need it.  It does a great job of capturing high quality audio and enough video to be useful.  For my uses, I don’t think the bump up to 720p video would be necessary, but if you want to play back on a tv, those extra pixels could come in handy.  Sadly, the Q3HD suffers from the same lack of fine control over audio levels.  Your only level control is to capture “high”, “low”, or “auto”.  Luckily, “low” is perfect for getting a strong signal from a solo kid in the studio.  Sometimes I have to switch it to “high” if there is a full accompaniment track or more than one of us playing.  It would be nice to have a slider for finer in between controlling of the level however.  Maybe the next version….

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