Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the road with the bModo 12G

I'm posting this from the bModo tablet while we drive between my parents' house and my husband's parents.  I thought it would be a nice test of the bModo's mobility options.  I have been using the main tools that set this tablet apart from so many others - GPS and 3G.  I may not have been able to get a GPS signal indoors, but now that I'm out in a car (being a passenger, not driving) it connected quickly and was able to send data to google maps.  I'm also connected to the 3G network via the SIM pulled from my phone, which is how I'm posting this.  I've typed the whole thing in with the Windows on screen keyboard, which is getting more and more comfortable as I get used to it.  I may just be typing using a few fingers, but it's fast enough to not be frustrating.

I don't know how often I really "need" access to these kinds of tools (3G on a full Windows based tablet), but it sure is nice to have right now.

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