Friday, February 18, 2011

LE1600 goes back to the studio


With the Windows 7 upgrade, SmartMusic works!  So, the LE1600 got another crack at being a studio tablet.  While it won’t replace my 2730p, it does what a studio tablet needs to do.  The 12” View Anywhere screen is really nice and easy to read even under the bright lights in the studio.  The thinness and light weight were very nice for picking up to mark practice charts, and for setting on the stand to run SmartMusic.  The only drawback is the resolution (1024x768) requires SmartMusic to be run in landscape, as it won’t play nice with only 768 across in portrait. 

But, I don’t really need the biggest screen in the studio as SmartMusic reflows and scrolls as it goes, so really any screen that can display the software is good enough. 

What I do like to have in the studio is a convertible with really good battery life.  There are times I want to type longer things (replying to email between students) and as I have no desk, I like to be able to put it into laptop mode on my lap and type.  While I love handwriting notes to myself for better memory (and using handwriting to mark up the practice charts for students as it’s more personal), I don’t need to remember the emails, just type them fast.  I also dislike being tethered to the power cable.  It’s nice to have the tablet just be free floating and running off battery, as I pick it up to write, set it down, pick it up to put it on the stand, and generally move around with it.  It’s not a big deal to plug and unplug, but it’s nicer to not have to. 

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