Friday, February 4, 2011

My wish has been granted–le1600



Well, it’s close at least.  I was thinking 14” might be a good size for music, but I’m finding 12” to be quite nice in the 4:3 aspect ratio.  The extended battery is not nearly as bulky as I had feared.  The machine feels slim and is solidly built.  The screen is great, but does seem to attract more fingerprints than the TC1100.  Also, it comes to me running Windows XP which is just painful after so much time with Windows 7 on tablets.  It’s just a review unit that will only be with me for a few weeks, so I don’t think it’s worth trying to upgrade. 


I tested it in rehearsal this morning, and I think I’ll be using it on both this concert and another one I have coming up.  With the extended battery, I’m seeing battery life estimates of nearly 6 hours, although I’ll need to use it more to see if that’s accurate.  Even a little less and it would still be plenty for a concert.  Both batteries are showing quite a bit of wear too, so with fresh batteries, this thing could really last.  It’s actually the same thickness as the TC1100, and the way the extended battery sits recessed means it doesn’t really add much thickness to have the extended on it all the time. 

There is a newer model in the same form factor, the LE1700, but I find the performance for just displaying music to be just fine with the LE1600.  The only reason for upping to the 1700 would be to get the higher res screen, which I think would be very nice in this form factor.  Motion has since hopped onto the widescreen bandwagon however, with their current main model now sporting a 12” widescreen, so going with these older models is really a better bet for music reading. 

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