Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Motion LE1600 full review


The LE1600 is going back today, and I almost forgot to link out to my full review.  The wordy, pictureful, full review is posted at TabletPCBuzz.  Once again, a big thanks to John at Allegiance Technology Partners for the review unit. 

As sad as I am to see it go (I strongly considered just buying the review unit and keeping it), I’m a pixel junky, and knowing that I could have the same form factor, but with way more pixels (the LE1700 has an SXGA+ screen at 1400x1050), would leave me unsatisfied with this one.  Additionally, I don’t have any more concerts for another month, giving me time to think about what I really want to do.  I currently have too many machines sitting around.  I really need to sell some stuff before I go bringing in another one.  So I think it’s off to ebay and craigslist for me to thin the heard before I make any decisions about a new machine.

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